Category: Poetry

Queen in England

  Queen in England   I recently had a wet dream About humping the Queen I don’t know how it started Honestly I was just minding my business Doing math and doodles and eating Porridge bowls full of noodles and Then a song came on and I remembered Her skin, those wrinkles and that shriveled____ […]

Burst – Old White Man Hating on Stuff

  I don’t wish to offend with this bit, but anger is as anger sees it.  I respect people’s right to speak.  I respect my own to respond.  This is written in response to a blogger on WordPress, who I thought I might actually name here but won’t.  There’s little point.   Old White Man […]

Three Things

  Three Things   A dock A rock on top Three things I forgot Telling me to stop A fall In a perfect ball Two things saying “Breathe!” Sink to the bottom please A mud A potato spud One thing saying swim But I don’t know him Done Perfectly spun My new house My watery […]

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