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The Distance, and the Damage

            I am your boy, he said to the photograph at the end of the hallway. Wooden boards creaking, Deckard leaned his head on the wall. Put his hand on the glass of the photo frame. Whispered words, the etching of a remembered prayer, the fragment of a stray poem. I am your boy, repeated the […]

Untitled: Ending

Pt. I Pt. II Pt. III             “Where are you going, then?” asks Alec, as they reach the factory.             “I got business in town,” she says. “You go in and work, I’ll pick you up afterwards. Mind Peter, okay? He’s new and he’s small. Marilyn needs him to make some money, so he can’t get fired. […]


Just something I’m working on. It’s done and is much longer than this. Longer short story. Happy Halloween everyone! __________________________________________________________________________             It’s not like he didn’t love her, he loved her many times in the days after they were married. He loved her on the picnic table and at the drive-in. He loved her on the […]

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