Revelations 1-18: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.   Billy saw the new kid get on the bus and grab a seat near the front.  He saw the boy sit on a bench at school, waiting […]

A Day in the Life of Bestselling Author Trent Lewin (aka Let Us Pray)

Wake up. There’s a dirty diaper pressed against my nostril.  I inhale. The coffee’s full of snails.  I drink. For a brief glimmering moment, the computer tells me that Le Clown has posted something new.  Scratch head.  Must think of a clever comment to impress him.  End up writing “yeah fuck yeah!”  Clown does not […]

Silhouetta: How to Say You’re Sorry

  Silhouetta: How to Say You’re Sorry The baby stopped crying after Craig finished the front page.  There was an advertisement for ladies’ underwear.  When Eddy came into the room, Craig flipped to the next page and followed the words of an editorial with his finger. “I’m going to get dressed,” said Eddy.  “Why?  We’ve […]

Burst – The Delicate, Throwaway Confection Hidden in Mr. Tillit’s Grand Plan

  The Delicate, Throwaway Confection Hidden in Mr. Tillit’s Grand Plan “Trevor, I just caught a blip on the screen by the ring trail.  Do you want to see it?” “No.  Shouldn’t you be asleep?” “Everyone on the night watch is sick.  I’m up for this shift.  Come look at this.” Trevor closed the screen […]

The 14 Essential Differences Between Writers and Storytellers

Writers embrace the lost art of using a typewriter, but have now morphed into the age of computers and file storage in the cloud.  Storytellers have recently evolved out of the practice of flinging their own feces at cave walls and smearing it about with a dull stick. Writers speak in low, thoughtful tones, and […]

Burst – Soldier Child

Soldier Child “And introducing Melvin Sandobal, former child soldier and now stand-up comedian!” Melvin walks to the microphone and puts his beer on the floor, label out. “Hey Americans!  How are you?  I am Melvin Sandobal, I was a child soldier in Lubulibya.  No no, I’m not kidding, I really was…  Let me tell you, […]

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