Ten Misconceptions about Successful Writers

Here are ten ideas we might have about writers, including the really successful ones, that are probably just not true. Misconceptions about writers are very possible! They write what they know.  That’s right, because J.R.R. Tolkien knew a lot of hobbits, and George Lucas encountered many a light sword in his extensive travels upon plant […]

The Raised Eyebrow: Ending

Pt. I is here Pt. II is here             “To the last bolt!” says Paul.             “The last bolt!” says Chandra.             With that, Paul turns the ratchet as Chandra holds the nut in place. The bolt comes out and the final shelf collapses to the ground. They stack it with the rest.              “This is honest work,” she […]

The Raised Eyebrow Pt. II

The Raised Eyebrow Pt. I             The office smelled of cigarettes. On the walls were photos of the machines that the factory made, machines that made other machines. There were also framed certificates of congratulations from government officials, praising the business for what it had accomplished.              The door opened. A man in a suit sat down […]

Early Morning Thoughts

It’s not early morning anymore. It was when I woke up. There’s a pot of coffee on. I shouldn’t drink it all. I probably will. It’s snowing, lightly. I’m revising my book, Girl Island. I can make it better. More immediate and fleshed out in the beginning. Stronger through the characters. I revise in the […]

Bloodhound: A Poetry Collection, by Marie Casey. A review.

My relationship with Twitter is unremarkable. I participate, look around, hope that there’s some meaningful interaction out there. I’m definitely not a popular Twitter kid. It reminds me of high school. Yeah, I was a high school loser. Not invited to anything. Ignored for the most part. So, Twitter seems familiar to me – even […]

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