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A Week in the Life of Blogging Superstar Trent Lewin

Monday              Wake up. There’s poop on the carpet. A thumb-tack on the stairs. There is no probable way that I could step on it. No way. Stare at my foot. There is a thumb-tack in my toe. There is shit on my heels.             […]

The Mail Carrier’s Guide to Slaying Monsters (Pt 3 of 3)

                Franklin got home at 8:30.  There was snow on the driveway, and footsteps leading to the front door.  Someone had crammed a complimentary newspaper and a bunch of flyers in his mailbox.  He left them there.                 Inside, he went to his office and sat in front […]

The Mail Carrier’s Guide to Slaying Monsters (Pt 1 of 3): A Skewed Short Story

***just guess where this one is going…                 “Franklin, you’re doing fine physically.”                 “What a relief.  Thanks.  What about the rest of me?”                 “You still need to sell the house.  Move somewhere where people can take care of you.”                 Franklin rose.  “You ever hear of […]

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