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Fallow Wounds

           The first time I had the dream, my mom stayed with me until I went back to sleep.  The second time it came, two years later, I sat by myself and stared at the ceiling.  Then I went to the window and looked outside.  It was cold, fall.  I stayed […]

Rappa TL in the House Yo

Warning: do not read this if you are looking for quality.  Or coherence.  Or even half-decent grammar. Art from PMAO left me in charge of his record-breaking comment thread yesterday (http://wp.me/p25PYJ-21u).  This is generally not a good idea.  I had some fun with Jennifer Windram (http://jenniferwindram.com/) and Lindsay Cummings (http://lindsaycummingswrites.com/) and Masta Z (that’s Zoe: http://behindthemaskofabuse.com/). […]

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