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La Vacation de Jerry: An Illustrated Sex Bomb (Pt. III)

…Well, what I mean is that he thinks it’s wise to…”  May looked his way, and caught a lump in his skull that looked to be hooking for a smoke.  She blinked, and it vanished.  “Hell, I don’t remember.  Think I’ll sleep in the chair tonight.” May didn’t mind sleeping alone, and had good dreams.  […]

La Vacation de Jerry: A Short Sex Bomb (Pt. II)

…to him that just a few loose-fitting clothes would be more comfy than nothing at all. He bounced the family room and sank into the longseat.  “Lovely.”  One hand searched out the remote.  Up channel, down channel. “Sufferin sucatash!” “Excuse me, Sir, one more thing…” “But you were still a virgin!” “It’s Cord.  He’s in […]

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