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The Death of Trent Lewin

It’d be easy to kill him. You just wipe him away, and there he goes. Erase him, and call him something else. Give him a new voice. I’ve thought about doing that. Who am I, anyway? Writing, writing, writing, as though I’m good at it. Like I have a place in the world. I’ll tell […]

The Neglected Lemon Squares of Bella Sand Public School: A Burst

“Susurrus.  A soft murmuring sound.” “He’s not going to get that one,” whispers Alan.  “Just watch.  He’s going to go with one too many s’s.” “Susurrus,” repeats Ms. Shannon. Francois Pat steps to the microphone and adjusts his cardigan.  “Susurrus.”  And he begins to spell. “Damn,” says Alan during the break, over coffee in the […]

Burst – The Delicate, Throwaway Confection Hidden in Mr. Tillit’s Grand Plan

  The Delicate, Throwaway Confection Hidden in Mr. Tillit’s Grand Plan “Trevor, I just caught a blip on the screen by the ring trail.  Do you want to see it?” “No.  Shouldn’t you be asleep?” “Everyone on the night watch is sick.  I’m up for this shift.  Come look at this.” Trevor closed the screen […]

Burst – Soldier Child

Soldier Child “And introducing Melvin Sandobal, former child soldier and now stand-up comedian!” Melvin walks to the microphone and puts his beer on the floor, label out. “Hey Americans!  How are you?  I am Melvin Sandobal, I was a child soldier in Lubulibya.  No no, I’m not kidding, I really was…  Let me tell you, […]

Adam’s Dreams of Due-Dates: The End

Part IX: I Am an Orange Orange the ghost rose until he was with the clouds.  A voice rang at him from a deck chair made of vapour.  “Been waiting for you.” “Who are you?” “Grapefruit.  Your father.” “But I’m an orange!  Not a grapefruit!” “That’s not true.  You are a grapefruit, always were.  A […]

Adam’s Dreams of Due-Dates Part VIII

  Part VIII: Fahrenheit Adam stood before a class of three hundred, his first teaching assignment for a class this big. “I first discovered the science of atmospheric anomaly via anthropogenic means in a laboratory,” he explained.  “I have been studying it twelve years now, and am as convinced as anyone could be that it […]

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