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Burst – Adam’s Dreams of Due-Dates

  Adam’s Dreams of Due-Dates Part I: Fort Apocalypse, The Exam Adam Ritten sat at a desk and scrawled words in response to this question: X=(1-A)exp(kt)/(Ln(b)) when it occurred to him that the people around him were writing much faster than he was, as though the question had not tripped them up the way it […]

Buuurst – In Time, Morrity Hangs D’Averc and Smokes the Ambrosia

  In Time, Morrity Hangs D’Averc and Smokes the Ambrosia* * sequel to: http://trentlewin.com/2012/11/02/burst-in-time-morrity-skins-the-cat-and-eats-the-elephant/   Morrity sat in the back of a wagon. “Jangle,” he said, “some coconut slush.” The slave brought it to him.  “Is it much longer?” “Mountains are to the right.” The wagon bounced.  The heat made the wood smell, like an […]

Burst – A Dart in the Foot

A Dart in the Foot* (*created via late night drunken ramblings with Susan Daniels, http://susandanielspoetry.com/) Mrs. Gomes practises darts in the basement.  Next to the fuse box hangs a wooden cabinet.  She has to stand on a chair to get the cabinet doors open, and again when she wants to retrieve the darts.  The chair’s legs […]

An Author Interview with Trent Lewin

  This guy made me do it:  http://realtruestories.wordpress.com/ Irving Dalrymple takes on Trent Lewin in a interview about his latest work, his life, aspirations for future writings, and a certain incident of notoriety that has placed the elusive writer in some hot water with critics and fans alike. ID: Trent.  Welcome.  Great to meet you. […]

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