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Buuurst – In Time, Morrity Hangs D’Averc and Smokes the Ambrosia

  In Time, Morrity Hangs D’Averc and Smokes the Ambrosia* * sequel to: http://trentlewin.com/2012/11/02/burst-in-time-morrity-skins-the-cat-and-eats-the-elephant/   Morrity sat in the back of a wagon. “Jangle,” he said, “some coconut slush.” The slave brought it to him.  “Is it much longer?” “Mountains are to the right.” The wagon bounced.  The heat made the wood smell, like an […]

Burst – A Dart in the Foot

A Dart in the Foot* (*created via late night drunken ramblings with Susan Daniels, http://susandanielspoetry.com/) Mrs. Gomes practises darts in the basement.  Next to the fuse box hangs a wooden cabinet.  She has to stand on a chair to get the cabinet doors open, and again when she wants to retrieve the darts.  The chair’s legs […]

Burst – Let’s Get Remedial

  Let’s Get Remedial “LNAPL!” cried Barney, the guy in the pick-up truck. “It can’t be!” said the stockpile to the west.  It was dirt.  Five hundred tonnes of wasted silty clay mixed with the occasional brick and cinder block that had been mixed in during the demolition.  Beyond it was the rubble pile: the […]

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