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Burst – It’s On Simone

  It’s On Simone   “He’s over there,” she whispered. Jenny looked.  Five rows down, he was sitting at a computer, typing from his notes “Go,” she whispered.  “We’ll be in the back praying for you.” Jenny walked down the aisle.  The computers were nearly full.  Some people were surfing, others working.  No one looked […]

Burst – The Crack in the Clouds

A brightness, in the shape of a triangle.  Sides too perfect, light too bright.  It shouldn’t be like that.  Outside, it’s raining already, dark.  But through that crack, the light comes through.  Celine comes out and stares, “What are you looking at?”  “Weather,” I tell her.  What a word, it tries to say so much. […]

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