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            At 3 am in the morning, there is a knock on Benny’s door. It interrupts a dream of silk mountains, and he sliding down them on a plastic food tray. He’s snacking on a cucumber.             He wakes up. “I hate cucumber!”             He peers through the eye-hole, and opens the door. On the […]

Burst – A History of the Period (Part II)

Part I is found here: http://trentlewin.com/2012/09/18/burst-a-history-of-the-period/ A History of the Period (Part II) In the mayhem that resulted, our shaman and his coal miner friend were slain.  The period – alone, bereft, nearly lost altogether – lay quivering in the snow, until a young girl plucked him up and carried him off.  Oh but here was […]

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