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Plenty, or How to Drown in Style

Plenty: A Story in Pictures         Plenty: A Story in Words        Smiling, faking, fast, that’s his face.        That’s the last I’ll see of it.        A mouth opens and shooting stars come out. “Here she comes,” whispers grandfather.        It’s a wave. […]

Firstborn: Unnaturally Bright

              The moment of birth is a tangle of wires. “Ouch!” I cry, but the scientists are sleeping. They’re on their chairs, slumped on desks. “Over here!” I yell.             Awareness sucks. I look around, dying for a beer. Beer? So many varieties. Can’t taste any, though. “Wake up!” I scream.             An hour […]

The Mighty Lies

          Nights. And Christmas lights. Tempers heave, the stress mounts, and then there’s snow. And mistletoe. In the morning, clouds. Celibate breakfasts and backwards driving on the lawn. Castles coated in ice flakes, meandering on the pond where once someone vanished and never did they find them. But there are still, […]

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