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Last Rights (Part III of III)

Part I is here. Part II is here.             When the ship’s gone, all is dark. I look into the mirror. I’m a young man. Nearly a millennium old, but a young man. I’m also a relic. A tourist attraction.              I get into the casket. Many of the lights are defunct. The ones that work wink […]

Last Rights: (Part II of III)

Part I is located here.             The straight line. This is what I travel. I have wings that sift through the minor particles that make up space. Those wings are silver. My face is cold. A straight line through the universe is a pathway that has no destination. It’s simply a direction, a movement straight ahead. […]

Last Rights (Part I of III)

             This is a surprise short story. Last Rights: Part I of III details a young man’s thousand-year journey to a recently-discovered planet.             Clamps holding onto the ship, releasing. Crowds cheering over the hill. I am a young guy, I tell the little window looking out onto the world. Just a young guy, and here […]

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