Tag: lethargy

The Babysitting Solution to Ennui

            “Mickey, eat something.  Play a video game.  Go on a date.  Play a video game on a date.  Doesn’t matter.  Just do something, okay hun?”  Elia hands Mickey the keys.  “We’ll be back around 3.  Food will be here around 5.  Okay hun?  Don’t get bored.  Take care of the kids.  Stay cool.”             […]


La Vacation de Jerry: Pt. IV

…went to work and divulged her darkest intentions to a piece of harmless paper.  After she’d finished besmirching it, she took it to the shredder and fed it in extra slowly. The week went by.  Jerry left his longseat to do a few things: use the bathroom, replace the batteries in the remote, eat something, […]

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