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Oh It’s You

It’s you Didn’t see you come in You’re so Sneaky   Where were you hiding? Under the staircase? In that wine bottle? Were you between the covers Of my yearbook? Because I heard something there Yammering away   You always make an entrance And set up a row Sitting on the stove Setting yourself on […]

Burst: Shingles

This story motivated by a writing challenge from Daring Discourse (http://daringdiscourseblog.com/2012/09/06/you-considered-it-all-for-a-second-and-put-it-down-to-slight-of-hand/).  I think when I was a kid that I was scared of a lot.  Anyway, if I were being critical of this story (which I’m not cause I wrote it), I think I’d call it “indulgent”.  What the heck is wrong with that, I […]

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