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Offload Me, Lord

    Offload Me, Lord   Lord, that day I came home All I wanted was an ice cream and an iPhone That’s all I wanted but you said no You said you had to test me, so…   Lord, I ran to the car when it crashed I saw the steel and how it […]

Three Things

  Three Things   A dock A rock on top Three things I forgot Telling me to stop A fall In a perfect ball Two things saying “Breathe!” Sink to the bottom please A mud A potato spud One thing saying swim But I don’t know him Done Perfectly spun My new house My watery […]

Drink Box

  Drink Box   Sip Strong stuff Sip again Stronger still Delicate; what’s that? Rosy; who’s that? A light comes on Another goes dark   A sip A positive step Too tired to tumble Too slippery to slur I’m weightless now Floating bloating Spaceman vintage   A sip The next one comes The one after […]

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