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The Brooklyn Legacy: Sparse Writing Now Found in Sugary Confections

“The only real love… is self-love.” I have three hundred fortune cookie fortunes at home in a scrapbook. I don’t know why I collect them. They mean nothing. They’re apparently written with no purpose than to get a laugh. To this day, the fortunes haven’t uttered a single prediction that’s come true, nor have they […]

The 14 Essential Differences Between Writers and Storytellers

Writers embrace the lost art of using a typewriter, but have now morphed into the age of computers and file storage in the cloud.  Storytellers have recently evolved out of the practice of flinging their own feces at cave walls and smearing it about with a dull stick. Writers speak in low, thoughtful tones, and […]

10 Things I Have Learned About Blogging: Read Number 2 Before Hitting “Like”!

  I have only been at blogging for about a month.  Good times, some great people, and some wonderful writing.  I am happy to be here.  Here are my initial observations of this cool new world. 1.  The potential for people to read your work diminishes with every extra word you add.  The relationship is […]

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