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Wish Me Well: Vacation Writing

Time Out It’s vacation time. Vacation writing time, possibly. This basically means I’m going to go from spending lots of time in one place to… lots of time in another. A few more days of work before I can make it happen, but it’s going to be a wild ride till I’m done. This will […]

Girl Island: Introducing the World’s Newest Country

Title and tagline for my new book. Does this work? Make you curious? I would love honest feedback, as always. Girl Island is done. It’s edited, been through several sets of eyes, refined over and over. There’s always more to do though, isn’t there? And that’s okay. You have to do the hard work. ______________________________________________________________________________ […]

Shortest Post Ever!

I want this girl’s hair! No stories this week! Just wanted to say that I’m pushing on edits of my book, thanks to a couple of wonderful blog buddies that I called out in my last post (https://trentlewin.com/2020/05/03/the-arms-of-village/) – they helped with tremendous suggestions and edits. Hope to illustrate the publishing journey through the blog, […]

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