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Andor: A Quick Review

How quickly and succinctly can I write a review? Andor is a twelve-episode series on Disney+. I held off watching this one, because I have high expectations for anything Star Wars-related. And I was worried. Cultural milestones hit harder when you’re a kid. You stare at a screen and see a massive spaceship chasing a […]

Cloud Cuckoo Land (A. Doerr): A Hopelessly Incoherent, Aspirational Review

What’s different about modern novels? We’re segmented into genres, commercial tracks that allow for reasonable market placement and expectation of returns. This is the way the business seems to work, the system that’s evolved over time. There’s just no point talking about great books from the past and how they would have fared in the […]

Dune 1984 vs. Dune 2021

The context to Dune is fairly simple. It’s a sprawling space epic, a science fiction version of Lord of the Rings. But it’s much bigger in scope and scale, and when you give something like this into the capable hands of Denis Villeneuve, a wonderful director, only magic can ensue. Villeneuve proved himself to me […]

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