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Delilah’s Light

A story on Tipsy Lit, it’s been out there before but pretty much retooled. This is called Delilah’s Light, and it’s about…. well, Delilah’s Light. I love this character.  Please and kindly comment on the Tipsy Lit site, if you wish.

An Unusually Short Post That Has an Unfortunately Really Long Title

I’m talking.  This way.  See your skin.  In the rain.  Where you go.  To get grins.  And to stupefy smoke rings.  From a mouth.  That never.  Ever.  Touches the things. Sitting in.  A Doughnut shop.  Cold coffee in the grout.  Pebbles on the window sill.  I take.  My pen.  Force you.  To tug of war.  […]

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