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Untitled Pt. III: Consentual

Pt. I Pt. II             Marilyn’s gone. Alec’s sitting down. “I went to the sea, and took a boat up the coast. Did some fisherman duties for a while, then back inland and logged. Spent time in the bush. I got all the way to Alaska, Anthea. You know what it is to be in Alaska, […]


((I was asked about this story by a few people, reread it, and felt – as usual – that I didn’t even remember writing it! But here it is again, a strange story about a man and a woman, and a baby)) —————————————————————————————————————————————–             Anne wasn’t hit by a bus. She was standing still, staring […]

Emily, to the Surprise of the Hat-Maker

                  Jacob is a hat-builder. He makes hats for people with heads of all sizes. Some heads are round, others pointed, and now and then a head presents itself that is misshapen in some notable way, by cleft or protrusion – in any case, some condition that requires a mastery of hat-building. Jacob builds […]

11 Fool-Proof Rules for Writing Fiction

  If you haven’t noticed, I’m a writer. I only bring that up because it took a while to give myself the label. It’s funny what you can call a hobby. What is a hobby anyway, and when does a specific activity stop being one? ‘Hobby’ sounds like a disease, some kind of growth. Well, […]

The Delicate Art of Self-Seduction: Born in the Bowels of the Most Commented WordPress Blog Post Ever

As some of you may have heard, Art from Pouring My Art Out is out to break the record for comments on a single blog post: http://pouringmyartout.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/this-is-not-a-post-about-this-post-this-is-about-breaking-a-record/.  He will respond to any and every comment you make there, sans fail.  He will have the last word on everything, I promise. I’ve been over there a […]

Doc Lewin’s 20 Rules for Corporate Dominance: The Rules for Bosses

The Rules for Bosses 1. Tidings of Joy Never ask for anything from a subordinate until the last minute.  Be sure to make most of your requests are at the end of the day, or, even better, last thing on a Friday.  Be sure to use the word “subordinate” a few times during the conversation, […]

La Vacation de Jerry: An Illustrated Sex Bomb (Pt. III)

…Well, what I mean is that he thinks it’s wise to…”  May looked his way, and caught a lump in his skull that looked to be hooking for a smoke.  She blinked, and it vanished.  “Hell, I don’t remember.  Think I’ll sleep in the chair tonight.” May didn’t mind sleeping alone, and had good dreams.  […]

La Vacation de Jerry: A Short Sex Bomb (Pt. II)

…to him that just a few loose-fitting clothes would be more comfy than nothing at all. He bounced the family room and sank into the longseat.  “Lovely.”  One hand searched out the remote.  Up channel, down channel. “Sufferin sucatash!” “Excuse me, Sir, one more thing…” “But you were still a virgin!” “It’s Cord.  He’s in […]

La Vacation de Jerry: A Short Story about SEX and BOMBS

(All right folks, this will be stream of consciousness writing with no definable endpoint.  No idea where this is going.  First installment went to 990 words before I ran out of time.  Next installment will be 990 words too.  So will the others, however many there may be of them, until I am done with […]

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