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We the Divine

            Anita, at five. Crawling up stairs. Gets to the top and tumbles down.             “She should be walking by now,” says her mother.             Outside, Anita holds a tree and lifts herself up. Across the street, music blares and a man hits a woman in the face. A car twirls out of the driveway. […]

A Foolish Wish of Improbable Proportions: How I Stopped Worrying About Space Debris

constables squeeze crude irradiated by bessie’s beard on paul’s right side giant worms steal silver forks while bats attack religious manics and tom restores order on a space station headed for the spoon   <restart process and program.  enter a glowing door made of breasts.  because ellis is chaste.  and chaste is great>   liadia […]

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