Welcome! I’m a novelist and short story writer. My blog has a tag-line of ‘fiction, and other made-up stories’. Fiction is where I live. I’m a person of colour, an immigrant to North America, and a father. I’m also a climate advocate. These things shape my life.

I’ve been privileged to have won or been listed in various writing competitions, as well as having been published in literary magazines and journals. Here’s a summary:

2023: Finalist in the Writers Union of Canada Short Prose Competition, for “The Arms of Village” (unpublished)

2023: Winner of the Boulevard Magazine Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers, for “The Reach”

2023: upcoming publication in Syncopation Literary Journal, Volume 2, Issue 3, for “Untouchable”

2022: 3rd place in the Short Grain Contest, Grain – A Journal of Eclectic Writing, for “Titan Arum”, published in Grain Volume 50.1, Fall 2022. Comment from the judge: “β€œTitan Arum” is loose and lightfooted, moving with an agility that reminds me of Mikhail Bulgakov or Richard Van Camp.”

2021: Longlisted for CBC Short Story Prize Competition, for “Titan Arum”

2021: Longlisted for Commonwealth Writers Prize, for “Stars” (unpublished)

2020: Longlisted for CBC Short Story Prize Competition, for “The Arms of Village” (unpublished)

2019: Longlisted for CBC Short Story Prize Competition, for “Boston DC” (unpublished)

2018: Longlisted for Commonwealth Writers Prize, for “I Am Black”, since published in Rigorous Literary Magazine.

2016: Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers Prize, for “Vestigial” (unpublished)

2014: Shortlisted for the CBC Short Story Prize Competition, for “Saad Steps Out”

I’m particularly proud of a story published in Rigorous Literary Magazine in 2020 titled “I Am Black”. I have struggled with my identity as a BIPOC writer, but that identity now finds a voice in my writing. Traditionally, I have posted my writing on my blog, but that is no longer the case, as I am actively submitting. I write about forty stories a year.

I’ve written three novels, as a means of expressing stories across genres, and to hone my craft. One is epic fantasy, one is urban fantasy, and the final is upmarket contemporary. A new novel is in progress as of 2023, to reflect a reverse diaspora of marginalized people from North America to a supposed home that no longer exists.

Thank you for stumbling by. I have a lot of great friends in this fantastic community of writers – hope you’re one too. If you would like to get a hold of me, please contact me at trentlewin@gmail.com.


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      1. Aye, the main point of that post was to show that review someone gave me.. it was my way of saying “Look! Someone likes my writing!” πŸ˜€

  1. Thanks for taking a chair on the porch Trent. I’ve always got something open, name your poison (and promise it won’t come in a drink box!) BTW…out of curiosity…Canada and warm part? must be the west…which which I am not familiar…these two words together don’t jive in my head.

      1. You too…I grew up in Vermont…Montreal was our ‘go to’ place. I tend to leave my footprints all over the place..hope you don’t mind.

            1. agreed. i was very partial to the local sporting club that practiced throwing balls and then hitting them, but they are no more and so my affections have waned.

              1. i feel that particular pain very well. but…to be a fan is to make a choice, even when our choice is made for us.

              2. well said. except to quote one of my favorite lines in a very good movie “there’s no crying in baseball”…course it was spoken NOT by a fan. πŸ™‚

  2. I love the theme of your blog, I used it for quite awhile myself. πŸ™‚ Very clean and neat and easy on the eyes. Next time you’re drinking wine and sitting there writing say hello. I’m probably here in Virginia doing the same exact thing haha Looking forward to reading you!

          1. huh – small world. Amidst all of these interactions with people from around the globe, you don’t realise that some might be just around the corner. Or, in the next county over. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for liking my post and following my blog; I have followed yours. May I just ask how you have so many likes and comments when you’ve only been blogging for a month? πŸ˜›

    1. Yeah, liked that you had that list of top ten sites for writers, and that one of the sites is babynames.com, which I find hilarious (and also, currently, very useful). About the likes and comments, I dunno, is that not normal? It was my impression that I would be at the low end of the traffic count. I post a fair bit, or at least I think it’s a fair bit – maybe I’m overposting? I like to read other people’s stuff too, and I comment a fair bit, when I read something that catches my attention.

      1. Oh, thanks. πŸ™‚ Maybe it is normal, but if it is, then mine definitely isn’t. Perhaps it’s because I only post three times a week, but I think that’s not too bad. The only thing I might need to do more of is read other people’s blogs; I tend to stick with very few at the moment. Anyway, thanks for the info. πŸ™‚

  4. The writers’ corner of the blog world is a friendly, welcoming place. I’ve “met” some really talented, helpful, and supportive people here. You’ve hit on one of the keys for building an audienceβ€”visiting other blogs and commenting. Not everyone responds to them, but most of us do. And some interesting and fun discussions can get going. Reading others’ comments on blogs can be a good way to find more blogs you’d like to follow.


    1. Oh that is most kind of you, and much appreciated. Interesting seven things. So you’re a doctor eh? How you find time to write is beyond me. And to play the drums on top of that. Many kudos to you sir.

    1. Doc, you are a strange perplexing man. I take absolute joy in our interaction and exchanges, and in your writing. That is award enough for me, and likely already more than I deserve. I decline the award – respectfully.

      1. Okay. No harm done. You threw my banana into the shit! No hurt felt. After all, it was just a super-hybrid banana -one of the only six my farm produced. No hurt done!
        Oh! And about our interaction thing, are you trying to retaliate because I said I enjoyed more your reactions to people’s comments rather than even the original already-thoroughly-enjoyable posts?

        1. I don’t really have one. Seriously, my head is hurting from all this recent attention… let’s just say I’ve gone and lost all perspective.

    1. That’s the easy part. We all have to embrace our inner madness, otherwise we are corrupted by it. And madness is just a spark for writing in the end, so may as well let it out and let it be, and see if you can knock any stars off their deep-space perches. May as well aim in that general direction, eh. I think I will go for “demented” and “heartbreaking” and “uncomfortable” and “implausible” and “factual” and the like. I will fail at each, but the striving is the fun part, and if I wrap up a few related words in some intestinal sack derived from a dead animal, that’s fine with me. We take our victories, we churn them up prior to swallowing, and often we spit them out in some unfortunate upwind direction.

  5. I find you and your site rather intriguing and in many ways, inspirational. I shall have a better look at your site tomorrow.

    1. That’s almost certainly the first time anyone has ever said that to me (the usual response is ‘eewwww, gross’), so I will take the compliment gladly. Please snoop around at your leisure, I will do the same to your goth/vamp site.

      1. I think everyone has somersetting interesting to say, and I think you put a lot of effort into your page. Oh, and thank you for the comment. Usually it is just Crazy Goblin Magazine who is nice enough to leave a message, so a new blog face is always nice.

        1. No problems. I don’t know if I put in a lot of effort, I just love writing, it’s some basic foundation of my existence that, in its absence, sees me tumbling into a pit of self-indulgent alcohol consumption. I do try to be good though.

          1. I think love of writing or even to be passionate about writing is all a person needs. Great to hear you are trying to curb your alcohol consumption and being ‘good’.

    1. Now I’m blushing… don’t give me too much of a swelled head, all that blood will rush to my fingers and prevent me from writing.

  6. Hello Trent. I’m happy to have found your blog, which I am now following. I like your writing style (from what I have read so far) – the mixture of truth and lies and the spaces between. I’ll be coming back for more. Cheers.

  7. Hello
    I wanted to ask you something
    I had a request on my Facebook Art page for a drawing that might represent hope and strength for a family who’s 15 yr old son is experiencing leukaemia.
    I then asked people how I might use the picture to raise some money for leukaemia research (which I don’t normally do, but seemed compelled, maybe good exposure for me also so not totally altruistic, but heart seems to want to…)
    ANYWAYYY one of the suggestions was for me to write an ebook on vanquishing fear/dis-ease and have the pic as the cover and then sell the ebook donating the funds etc etc.
    WHICH brought YOUR amazing imagination to mind…. originally I was going to ask you if you wanted to collaborate with me, just you and I, and write a story that featured a fifteen yr old Earth/boy/angel that uses his phenomenal powers to defeat some evil metaphor for leukaemia.
    NOW I STILL would love you to write a story like that for me to put into the ebook. I will also write a story or poetry and am planning on compiling altogether 12 (a magic number πŸ˜‰ ) contributions. let me know what you think Trent Lewin.

    My Facebook art page is https://www.facebook.com/ArnaBaartzArtist?ref=hl
    and website http://www.arnabaartz.com
    thats if you want to check it out
    email arnabaartzagmail.com

    I think it could be a great and worthy project
    especially if it is all outside the box and potentially readable for teenagers

    love Arna

    1. I am totally honoured that you would ask, and I will definitely do it. That will be my next writing project. Such a sad topic Poet – but I would love to help. Give me a few days and I will send something to your e-mail for your review.

      1. oh how brilliantly exciting .
        I think the topic is sad but I love the idea of playing with victory of the spirit
        I LOVE the idea of using magic to bring something extra to a child’s experience and that that magic is somewhat accessible in a apical universe of which we are a part.
        I so look forward to your contribution

    1. Poet, I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. I did think about your request, but I don’t think I have honoured it appropriately. I did just publish a story that I had been thinking about in this vein. I don’t know if it’s hopeful or helpful or anything, but this is what came out. I apologize if it does not honour your request; I find that my reasons for writing have nothing to do with anything voluntary at times.

      1. ha! yes I will have a look, no worries at all, the right thing happens in this strange world of ours inspiration is an interesting thing. I haven’t written anything for my idea yet either, but we will see how it all pans (pens)
        out, thank you for thinking about it I do appreciate that!

    1. SB – I live! I will check in. Have been horrifically busy and travelling too much. I come to your wonderful country again tonight, west coast. Hope you’re well – will check in shortly.

      1. Ah, the west coast liberals in their bikinis and roller skates get ALL the fun! I’m okay, hangin in…and look forward to seeing you back. safe journey…hope the family is well the kids growing like WEEDS!

  8. I knew that unless I knew more “about” a guy who willingly ignites beavers against his enemies, I wouldn’t sleep tonight.

    And knowing that you hate Styrofoam, too, makes me more accepting of your beaver issues.

    1. That is honestly the first time anyone has ever expressed okay-ness with my beaver issues, as well as comraderie with my styrofoam spite. I likes – nice to meet you Elyse.

      1. I was wondering when I would find the link that connected us, and here she is! In all her wonderfulness! Look forward to getting to know you, Trent. I’ll be back, as time permits. For sure.

  9. where is the story of the girl in the picture you said you were gonna write about? and i want a Cavegirl sequel, please. maybe something like aliengirl. or fairiegirl. and yes, i am demanding these, because your other stories scare me. πŸ™‚

    1. I do owe you that. I keep a log of ideas, some of which turn into stories, others that take their time. I have so many to write just now… so many. They feel like they are clawing at me, like they’re each ants and that sometimes they can talk to each other and gang up on me. It keeps me up. Keep me warm. And some nights, I see them up there, against the stars, because that’s where they came from. And so did I. And so did you. We will always have that in common, n’est pas?

      My stories always scare me. Some more than others. Some are almost like they’re from someone else. An interloper or a saboteur, most likely, someone whose motives may not be all that good. I am still sorting this part out. In real life (what is real life), I sink in math and calculation; often, I feel like I live in an abstraction. That I am abstracted. That I am not actually here. I think it’s because I have unwittingly engaged in a day-to-day pursuit that is heavily at odds with writing things like this.

      1. oui… πŸ™‚ and no, i don’t think it is at odds. i think the two halves complete the you, the real or not, whatever seems to be true at that moment when you put pen to paper, or word to screen. it is the one that makes the other, or drives the other, or forces the other to come out of its hiding place. without one, the other may exist, but not with enough vigour or madness to force you to escape. to the stars and the grasslands. πŸ™‚ it is like the math and calculation becomes a matrix of letters, not numbers, and the formula of your persona, not the true or the dark or the question: who am i? but the real, the unbound, the unmistakably knowing that this is so. this is me. your camouflage serves you well. no one will know. you travel at the speed of dreams. .

        1. I often wonder how I can take the concept behind an equation and splay it out in a story. An equation defines relationships between constants and variables, putting differential emphasis on them depending on what part of physical reality is being described. Stories are… the same? Different? I haven’t been able to do this yet, but I will try.

          The speed of dreams… that is beautiful thought for the morning.

  10. I came here because of your conversation with Samara, already intrigued by what I’ve seen you write all over WordPress. And now I find I’m the 100th person to like this page – clearly, this is fate! I’m looking forward to reading.

    1. Why thank you. I am a bit of a babbler-commenter, aren’t I? Anyway, very nice to meet you – I will have to pop over and check out your space hereabouts.

      I almost cheered when I read Samara’s post.

      1. You’re in luck: http://www.5gig.com/ABBA-tourdates/

        When my daughter starts to have a typical teenage meltdown, I follow her around the house emphatically singing FERNANDO. I literally get right in her face and emote louder and more passionately than she does. It doesn’t take long before she stops crying and sings along.

        Proof positive that ABBA cures all.

        1. I think that may be fake. I’ve been checking, they haven’t toured in a long while and don’t think they’re back together. You had my hopes up!

          Teenage daughter eh? I’m not there yet. Got a few years to go with my three. But I agree, Abba cures all. Always.

  11. Trent, I’d love to talk to you about writing. I’m getting started, and in spite of the snarky anti-stereotype post (love it!) I could probably use some advice. Feel free to contact me on this comment’s email backlink. I’d appreciate it.

    1. Sure. I’ve read your stuff, you’re good. What is it that you want to write? I’m mostly fiction, and I can talk to the technique of writing fiction (at least the way I do it – I’m pretty sure there’s no one method). I’m definitely not the person to ask about how to be successful at writing, but on how to make stories, put them together, string words, I love talking about that. Mostly because I haven’t fully figured out yet how it works.

      1. I’m aiming for fiction as well. I have nothing published at all, just a vague idea of storytelling. What I know best is SciFi… and of course military shit…

        1. Wish I could write sci-fi. I would like to try that. I think storytelling is about voice, first and foremost. You have to get into a voice, even if it’s not yours, and spread that over the words. A voice is like a persona, it’s not necessarily you; it might be you occupying a character or a space, but you have to be there fully in order for the reader to be convinced of your story. That’s the hardest part, concentrating on the intent of the story and sticking with it, rather than on worrying about getting it right. If the voice is solid, the story will work out. I don’t really know how else to explain this, but it always seems to be the most important part for me. If you want to take a crack at a story and send it my way, my e-mail is trentlewin@gmail.com, I can provide some feedback if you think that would be helpful.

              1. Ha! Not entirely, just yet, but I am learning. Anyway, send something if you’d like. Just don’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t want the word getting out that I’m helpful in some way.

  12. I’m guessin planet Earth somewhere near an ocean that of course is obvious but..one with a view of either a sunset or an especially sunsetey lookin sunrise…
    Jes lemme know what I’ve won.

  13. Your lab coat intrigues me. You could really mess with people.
    It appears you are finding quite a few of your fellow Canadians here. I’m a born and raised Niagara Falls girl. Love my home town. I’m also quite fond of your area (Kitchener/Waterloo). Somehow I ended up living in Pickering this year. Odd.
    I am looking forward to reading some of your short stories.

    1. Will certainly have a read of your stuff too. Hope you don’t find the stories too odd. They are meant that way, sort of.

      I know Pickering a bit, and certainly know Niagara Falls (my wife’s family is from there). Cheers – great to meet you!

  14. from Brain Rants’ comment above: “Just don’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t want the word getting out that I’m helpful in some way.” Made me smile. My guess is that the word is already out.

      1. I just hope you won’t hold me to the reputation that is associated with most Texans. Not all of us believe in guns and oil. Some of us just ended up in Texas.

    1. It can be. Actually. I love it there. So many good people, and talented ones, never ceases to amaze me. Good to meet you! Liked your comments at PMAO’s site.

    1. Hey I like that guy muchly, and you seem very much cool beans. I will have a look at the challenges… I don’t really do challenges, but there’s a first time for everything…

  15. Kind sir – thank you for wasting 18 minutes of my life looking up baseball team logos and going so far as texting my friend in California who is in the absolute middle of moving to another town today to find out your favorite team. Alas, it’s Canadian. Not the biggest stretch of my imagination. And not the biggest waste of my time because now I know that. In case Jeopardy. Because that’s ever gonna happen.

        1. Dude, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to be cool like all the other kids, plus the other kids like you are exceptionally cool, so that would be excellent… but I only post on WordPress like once a week, sometimes not even that much, I don’t really seem to keep up… I think another platform would end me.

          1. Right now, we’re having a conversation on twitter involving unicorn rainbow porn, garlic feet, exploding computers and robin hood in leather.
            Mostly it’s a fun distraction while doing other things.
            But it can be quite a timesuck too.

            1. That sounds awesome… but yeah, my time is already pretty much sucked away. I’m afraid that if I get into something else, I’ll be in over my head for sure. You know, like booze.

          2. Bahahaha….I was involved in the Twitter convo involving unicorn porn and garlic feet that Guap mentions below. πŸ™‚ Why aren’t you on Twitter dude?

            1. Dang Nancy… yeah, let me count the reasons. Too busy for another media. Too old. Too incompetent. Too lazy. Too drunk. Too blogrific. Just, you know, too cool.

  16. Matt from the Matticus Kingdom recommended your blog so I thought I’d pop on over… Bladerunner, one of my favourite movies. Love that end speech too, my favourite quote, so much so it is in the bio of my character in eve online.

    1. Hey, hello! Say hi to Matticus for me, he’s a good sort. Yes, Blade Runner is supreme as far as I’m concerned. What is eve online, if I may ask?

      1. Yeah he is a good guy, given me lots of encouragement too.

        Yeah I am a little bit of a blade runner fan, I hope to get the whisky glasses that he has soon but currently have the DVD Metal Tin, the voight-kampff case set and bluray.

        EvE Online is a Space MMORPG game, a complete sandbox experience where you can do what you like pretty much, you can mine, fight other players, fight computer generated characters, run corporations, make modules to sell on market for other people to use, the list is almost endless.

        Here is some blub on it – http://trial.eveonline.com/en/freetrial.aspx?utm_campaign=CCP%20-%20Brand%20-%20UK%20-%20Exact&gclid=CKmdvLet1b0CFVPJtAod0VgAYQ&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&pdv=c&utm_term=eve-online&dclid=CNfHwret1b0CFdSVwgodWzsAjA

        And a trailer (I love the trailers even if they are not exactly like gameplay) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kED11aGobUk&index=8&list=PLF614A7A6461E61E1

        1. Did you know there’s a sequel to Blade Runner coming? Ridley Scott is directing. I can’t wait.

          That trailer for EvE Online was crazy… they should totally turn it into a movie.

          1. Yes I did know there was a Sequal coming and I like you cannot wait.

            I was slightly disapointed in the Prometheus but I am hoping that the second sequel will be good. I relaly liked Prometheus it just was not the film I wanted it to be.

            I have to say that I am looking forward to the next Star Wars too, JJ Abrams is superb I think.

            1. I liked Prometheus first time I saw it… but saw it again and lost the flavour of it. I think it’s a grand movie that went astray somewhere. I so hope the sequel to Blade Runner is better. I revere that movie.

              And as for Star Wars… I am a massive massive fan. I keep my fingers crossed. I was okay with the prequels. They weren’t awesome (last one kind of was), but I had hoped for better. Praying for the sequels. JJ… I don’t love him. I might have picked someone else, but I hope he brings this home.

              1. I think what JJ did with Star Trek was awesome, I really liked Cloverfield too so I know I like the kind of movies he likes to make which is all good. I need to rewatch Prometheus again. Ive an excellent ambinet track that is set against clips from that film and it gets me stirred up each time.

                The Blade Runner film cannot come around quick enough for my liking πŸ™‚

          2. I forgot to reply rethe trailer: Yeah Eve is a mental game, that trailer is not really gameplay as such although the ships shown are ships in the game. But it is so open and so sandbox I cannot really describe it adequately.

  17. Hi Trent. Great page! Always happy to “meet” a fellow writer and blogger. I don’t directly post my fiction on my page, but I like to write a lot about writing. Cheers!

    1. Well hello Nicole – a fellow writer always intrigues me. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll drop by and check out your page if that’s all right.

  18. Hey Trent, How goes it? We’ve conversed on other sites and I figured it was high time to come and visit. I am a SF/fantasy aficionado so I’ll likely enjoy your stories, Thanks.

    1. Why hello Paul – thanks for stopping by! Of course I remember you and your very eloquent posts on people’s comments – you certainly take the time to comment wholeheartedly, which I greatly appreciate. But like where is your blog? Do you have one?

      1. I’m blog-free at the moment. It’s a hardware issue – my old laptop doesn’t have the processing power or memory to set up a website -it freezes up. As soon as I can upgrade iIm gonna give blogging a try.

    1. Why hey and thank you! I’m looking forward to the book too, when I finish it. Glad you liked the story, will have to poke about your blog.

  19. You’ve been nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Click here to read seven pointless facts about me and claim the award. Or not. It’s your life.

    And, so what if this is a generic message. The sincerity is there.

    1. I agree! Don’t get me started on those roided up modern-day sluggers…. grrrrr…. also, you’ll be happy to know that I am the single greatest baseball fan resident of Canada, where we routinely club each other exclusively with hockey sticks.

  20. I’ve been meaning to stop by your blog for a while – I’m glad I did. It seems we have a few things in common – our love of fiction and a penchant for writing characters who (in my case anyway) possibly have more of a life than their author, and that we’re both Canadian. I’m more of a Jays fan myself however. πŸ˜‰ Do you live in the province of Quebec?

    1. Hey Linda! Great to meet ya, I’ve seen you around of course. So you’re into fiction too, eh? Well I’m definitely coming over. And Canadian? Fantastic! I do have to tell you that I dislike the Jays, though. It’s just one of those things – sorry! Don’t hold it against me!

      I used to live in Montreal, but in Ontario now (near Toronto). Whereabouts are you at?

      1. I’m a couple of hours east of Toronto. I grew up in Newmarket. πŸ˜€ I lived for 15 years in Gatineau, so I’ve been on that side of the great divide as well. πŸ˜›
        That’s okay about the Jays. You either love ’em or hate ’em, right? I’m also a Leafs fan – they’re going to win the cup next year. I know it!!

  21. If you want recognition you can have it. I know you have made it already
    I know this like the sunrise
    i know
    and you can trust this knowing because I am the lord of the unknown universes

  22. You have a very interesting blog if I may say so.

    I think you’ll enjoy my poetry writings. People consider me as mad and Bizarre in many ways.

    Stop by my page and read some crazy “Flarf poetry”.


  23. Bloody hell! I had to scroll down for miles to find a spot to write! πŸ˜€
    Lovely picture. Where, exactly, is that?
    I didn’t call myself a writer until recently. I started blogging to see if I had any talent (or if anyone would bother reading me) and then became addicted.
    Happy to have met you over at Frank’s place. Off to read more from you!

    1. England, southwest at the coast. You’re a writer if you want to be! Just keep calling yourself one, never shy away from that. Best advice I ever got, and best I have to give.

  24. Aw I need to seriously read more of your work, I’ve loved what I’ve read so far and introspective pieces of complete madness are my favorite! Bookmarking you now! I’ll be back (said in a non Arnold Schwarzenegger voice because that would be so totally lame, so I said it in more of a slurred drunken old man voice- kind of like what I would sound like if I were a drunken male hermit.) Ok enough insanity, I’m out, but you know- I’ll be back. (Oh god not again, I truly am sorry for this comment now!)

  25. Tell me asshole, do you pick up your own shit?

    Did you know that Silver Back has a ten foot sword made be Genghis-khan, mean you’ve disgraced Mrs Nature an family for using a monkey…

    I would think before you react next time…………….


    1. Dude… tell me more about this sword. Also the monkey. I didn’t really use the monkey. I had a discussion with the monkey but I didn’t use the monkey!

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