An Unusually Short Post That Has an Unfortunately Really Long Title

I’m talking.  This way.  See your skin.  In the rain.  Where you go.  To get grins.  And to stupefy smoke rings.  From a mouth.  That never.  Ever.  Touches the things.

Sitting in.  A Doughnut shop.  Cold coffee in the grout.  Pebbles on the window sill.  I take.  My pen.  Force you.  To tug of war.  A battle of ink.  And brains.  It’s a game.  I say.  And thank God.  You played.  Pull.  Push.  Tug and release.  For ownership of.  A pen covered in grease.

I let.  You win.  But I got.  Your hand.  First time.  We touched.  And a smile.  I saved.

And a smile.

And a smile.

I had a pen.  And dreams of flying.  I had breathing.  And angel wings.  But in a Doughnut shop.  Tasting of things.  I had a smile.  That became a ring.  A ring I found.  In a store.  On the edge of dreams.  And forevermore.

So I balance.  A pencil lead.  On the lamp.  Beside the bed.  And every third day.  In rain.  And snow.  In gloam, hail or woe.  I fight.  For dominion.  For conquest.  For victory.  Of eyes.  And smiles.  And precious things.  Started in a Doughnut shop.  That led to a ring.  Because pretend.  Is just games.  And you.



Than anything.

Dream hard, rage hard.

135 thoughts on “An Unusually Short Post That Has an Unfortunately Really Long Title

    1. That’s interesting that you took it that way, as a rap song. I don’t know what I was going for, it just blurted its way out when I wasn’t watching.

      Haven’t heard of Roddy Doyle… someone I’ll have to look up.

      1. All this post needs is a strong 4/4 backbeat.

        Doyle’s most notable work is the novel The Commitments, which was made into a pretty good movie. But he’s written a ton of stuff since then.

    1. When the weather warms up, a young man’s fancy turns to love… I’m just trying to do a work-around, cause it’s still flippin cold here. Warm up already, weather!

      1. I should… I should also, before I mention a party that starts on Friday, that Friday starts in Australia on Thursday… and I bet it won’t be Sunday somewhere till Monday… sigh

    1. I got over the doughnuts, but the smiles and the love… never.

      I still owe you a conclusion to your poem. You are just really intimidating with the way you spin words… I must be worthy.

  1. this is like fresh cream strawberry cake amongst all the caffeine loaded crap people are pulling on each other these days. its so nice to see you mushy trent! 🙂 and perfect for this week where I see people either over doing it or under doing it. You did just about right! 🙂

  2. This is seriously gorgeous.

    And I’m pissed off that your posts aren’t showing up in my reader. Because this was too good for me to miss.

    This makes me want to at least TRY writing poetry again.
    And now I want a donut.

    1. Not sure why that is, but I had a few people I was following that I had this problem with. I de- and re-followed them.

      I’ll mail you a donut. But in exchange I want a poem.

    1. Thank you Rara – just trying to capture the woman, which is the most impossible thing I have ever tried to write about.

      Great to see you here! I must admit I’m honoured to see you in my hood.

  3. Beautiful poem. So hard to write about love without being sentimental – you nail it here. It tells a story in an image and in its structure. I wonder what made you choose those punchy sentences? They work.

    1. I’m not sure actually, Becca, I think the rhythm just sort of inserted itself into what I was doing. Thanks for the compliment – poetry’s not usually my thing, but I guess I dabble.

        1. Hey, I’ve read some of your poetry. And some from TwinDaddy now. And even Art. And Brice and Alicia and Cezanne, and the Doc and Audra and Shards and Susan D… there are some real real genuine talented poets around here, I’m not for a moment putting myself in your guys’ class. I’m gonna stick to the fiction.

          1. Trent really you’re an awesome poet. You know what, if you ask any of us we don’t think our work measures up to each others. I think my crap is just amateur.

            All us artist think like this I think.

        1. Well you should check out some of my friends on WordPress, I’ve been with them (and them with me) for a couple of years, and many are far more accomplished (and better) than me. It’s a pretty amazing community but you have to really work to make it happen. I find that there are a lot of pass-through bloggers out there, who don’t stick around, but when you find people who want to stay connected, it’s pretty awesome.

            1. Just hang around the people who comment first on my blog posts, they’re long-timers, and excellent people. In the meantime, I will follow your blog for sure and hopefully we can stay in touch.

              1. Never mind, I found a way… did it manually and added you. But you should really find a way to stick a follow button on your blog somewhere.

              2. I use the free version too, just go into WP Admin and look for ‘Widgets’, you can add a Follow button to your blog that way.

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