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“I Just Want to Get Off this Fucking Planet”

I wrote a story last week called Eclipsed and posted it, a strange story in my view. I don’t like to explain my stories because there’s usually no explanation. I write from the gut. I don’t plan, or think. In fact, my best pieces get written because I’m not thinking. Words just tumble out, and […]


Shortest Post Ever!

I want this girl’s hair! No stories this week! Just wanted to say that I’m pushing on edits of my book, thanks to a couple of wonderful blog buddies that I called out in my last post ( – they helped with tremendous suggestions and edits. Hope to illustrate the publishing journey through the blog, […]

The Demise of Trent Lewin

Dear bloggers, As a friend of Trent Lewin’s, I regret to inform you that this blogger has ceased to exist. He had a reasonable run. He wrote things that were far too long. He didn’t know what a conclusion was, and generally frustrated most people. Most especially, he was not patient or particularly good, so […]

How to Tell Someone You Hate Their Writing

Have you ever left a comment on someone’s blog saying “I love this!” or “This really moved me!” or “I wish I had written that!” or “Lovely post!” or “Big hugs and lots of love!” or “Just…wow!” without actually having read the post? Or worse – said those things while really not liking the post […]

Cool News!

One of those people is me! Hey all, amazingly grateful to have made the longlist for the CBC Short Story Contest. Great to share that space with 30 other writers! Feel free to have a look, there’s a snippet of the story in here too: I will say, this story is a bit unique. […]

Out-Loud Prickly Cucumber

Hey all, Hope you’re all doing well. Just wanted to link to this blog, the Independent Writers Podcast: Episode 1 On the first episode, there’s a link to a podcast of a story I wrote a long time ago called “Pickle” ( It’s crazy when someone else reads your story out loud, it’s like a […]

Trent Lewin and the New News: How I Bred with a Dolphin Girl

                  Wake up.                 The air smells like shit. A skunk took a dump in my boots.                 On the way to the coffee shop, a podcast tells me I can be rich. Me, Trent Lewin, a rich man with no worries. I like it. I really do.                 “What would you like?” asks […]

Shocking Proof that Trent Lewin is a Robot

You won’t believe me, but I’m not real. Not a real human being. I’m a robot. An automaton. Trent Lewin is an anagram (try it, and you will see), and that name was always a hint that something was different about who I am – that in fact, I am no one. I never was. […]

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