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Wish Me Well: Vacation Writing

Time Out It’s vacation time. Vacation writing time, possibly. This basically means I’m going to go from spending lots of time in one place to… lots of time in another. A few more days of work before I can make it happen, but it’s going to be a wild ride till I’m done. This will […]

Jak Grows Wings

                         “I would like to buy some wings. Some wings to plug into my side, feathers if you like, to grow out my hide.”             The shopkeeper’s eyes glowed red until Jak stepped back, back until he was at the door. Outside, the city glowed, red as well, and sirens glared as butterflies flipped through the […]

Last Rights (Part III of III)

Part I is here. Part II is here.             When the ship’s gone, all is dark. I look into the mirror. I’m a young man. Nearly a millennium old, but a young man. I’m also a relic. A tourist attraction.              I get into the casket. Many of the lights are defunct. The ones that work wink […]

Rigorous Literary Magazine

Rigorous Literary Magazine is “A journal by black, indigenous and people of color,” that can be found here. I’m honoured that Rigorous published my story ‘I Am Black‘. It’s a story about race. Simply, it’s a story about race, but there is nothing simple about this topic. Why Am I in Rigorous? To the point, […]

Last Rights: (Part II of III)

Part I is located here.             The straight line. This is what I travel. I have wings that sift through the minor particles that make up space. Those wings are silver. My face is cold. A straight line through the universe is a pathway that has no destination. It’s simply a direction, a movement straight ahead. […]

Last Rights (Part I of III)

             This is a surprise short story. Last Rights: Part I of III details a young man’s thousand-year journey to a recently-discovered planet.             Clamps holding onto the ship, releasing. Crowds cheering over the hill. I am a young guy, I tell the little window looking out onto the world. Just a young guy, and here […]

Ro-Bot: A Short Story for Bots and other Human Beings

                         “Excuse me, but have you got a spot to plug in my dog?”             “No. Be on your way.” The broom handle chatted with the metal spindles at its end. The scraping of steel against stone followed Jak as he and his dog walked down the street.             “Well boy,” Jak said to his dog, whose […]

Interview with Rising Star Author Trent Lewin!

This is a transcript of an interview between esteemed journalist Trentle Win, esq, and rising fiction star author Trent Lewin.  WRITING IN THE AGE OF COVID TW: Very nice to meet you, Mr. Lewin.  TL: That remains to be seen.  TW: I see. You don’t seem to give many interviews. May I ask why? TL: […]

Girl Island: Introducing the World’s Newest Country

Title and tagline for my new book. Does this work? Make you curious? I would love honest feedback, as always. Girl Island is done. It’s edited, been through several sets of eyes, refined over and over. There’s always more to do though, isn’t there? And that’s okay. You have to do the hard work. ______________________________________________________________________________ […]

A Moment for Drew Ramos (Ending)

<Part I> <Part II> <Part III>             But in time, the paintings ended. They had reached such a level of complexity and strangeness that there appeared to be nothing further Drew could add. The paintings lay in his dorm room, a forest of unmitigated oddness, consigned to the available spaces as Drew made his way around […]

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