The Demise of Trent Lewin

Dear bloggers,

As a friend of Trent Lewin’s, I regret to inform you that this blogger has ceased to exist. He had a reasonable run. He wrote things that were far too long. He didn’t know what a conclusion was, and generally frustrated most people. Most especially, he was not patient or particularly good, so it was inevitable that he would come to an end in this way – too cowardly to tell you all himself, and indisposed in any case. Consigned to the scrap heap of aspirations and dreams. They tell you that if you but try, your dreams will come true. Trent Lewin believed this, but it is just an illusion. A lie. He was a simple person, coarse but well-intentioned, unable to believe that somewhere, someone wouldn’t understand what he meant when he turned his mind to meaning anything at all. The beginnings of dreams are wonderful; the ends just forgotten. He tried hard not to turn this place into a diary of his life, a place to wallow in self-pity, to express his frustrations and concerns, even though he certainly had those. No, he kept writing nonsense, and I kept reading it – not all of it, just skimming. Some of you read as well, the bits and pieces that he turned out on infrequent occasions. So hold up a glass and celebrate this wretched fool, another anonymous failure that’s gone no where and now has ceased even trying. Try to be better than him. Try to last longer. There might be a chance for you – but there is no longer a chance for Trent Lewin.

All the best,

John O. Kinder Evers (acquaintance of Trent Lewin, but not friend. Never that)

P.S. At least this was short.

408 thoughts on “The Demise of Trent Lewin

  1. Is this like the picture Tom Brady posted a few days ago? Are you coming or going? Cause if you’re going, then WordPress and the blogging community has got nothing left for me.

  2. Glasses raised. Not sure what I’m toasting… That’s business as usual though. I never have much of a clue about what’s going on.
    If you’re calling it quits, then I will miss your words.

  3. Quitter.
    I oughta know.
    The only stupid dreams are the ones you give up on.
    And, trust me, I am constantly on the lookout for the gray cloud behind every silver lining.
    But still.
    I refuse to like this.

    • Fay, sometimes me posting something inflammatory and dumb is the only way I can find to grab the attention of people in this space that I really respect and miss. Call it a ploy. Or me being a jackass. Whatever. Bring your aggressive awful things, I’d be pleased to hear them.

  4. I don’t know what to make of this, Trent. Or John. Or whoever. I don’t trust it. I also don’t think I like it. I don’t know whether you are retiring, blogociding, or caterpillar-butterflying. Part of me wants to say if the man is done, let him be done. Another part wants to zip through the ethernet, reach out through your screen, and physically manhandle your ass back down into that seat in front of the computer. Another part wants to say “you’re too good for this place” and push you towards to something else. Maybe you are doing/done/did that already. Whatever the case, I think we need more, Mr. Kinder Evers. But I don’t know what that looks like.

  5. I didn’t mean any of the cheeky things I said. There’s a feel to your writing that I think I always understood. I just got tripped up on the words, like a hiker in a swamp, tripping over mangrove roots.
    But blogging takes a lot of effort, and I can understand stepping away from it. I won’t try to pressure you to continue, or to quit. So keep the posts coming. Or don’t. It’s all good.

      • I would. I’ve left before, and the break was refreshing.

        I avoid trying to pressure anyone into doing anything they’ve grown tired of, or don’t want to do for whatever reason. So go have fun. Play. Do something else for a change, if that’s what you want. I hope you eventually return, because I enjoy reading your posts. But I doubt I’d enjoy your posts if you didn’t enjoy writing them.

        • I love writing my posts. I’m just joking around anyway. Write or don’t, figure if you’re a writer, just write, doesn’t really much matter if no one reads or gets it, who really cares. Just have to keep going.

  6. You did share your life. Unfortunately, most of us didn’t understand it. We aren’t as smart as you. But you also seduced yourself, helped break a record, made friends, seduced yourself again, and did some other stuff.

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